What You Said about All Simple’s Web Hosting

What You Said about All Simple’s Web Hosting

Here is more information on the feedback you gave us on our web hosting services in our recent online customer survey. We were keen to hear it first hand from you, our customers.

Our team were very grateful to receive so much positive feedback, but you also suggested some improvements which are well underway.

So, this is a sample of what you said...

Why did you choose All Simple to host your website(s)?

“All Simple Hosting was already being used by a client and first experience was great so have advised clients from then on in to use the All Simple services.”

“Recommendation from a trusted friend with web hosting expertise.”

“Straightforward product offering, reliability and incredible customer support.”

“The site itself clearly listed services and prices, and all my inquiries were handled quickly and professionally. I was really impressed by their setup and am still using their services 6 years later!”

What do you like about All Simple’s hosting services?

“Personal communication very much appreciated.”

“Easy to use and great support.”

“Simple and high performance.”

“Solid reliability. Over several years I have hardly ever experienced problems that weren't of my own making or caused by planned maintenance. Very fast response to tickets even when I have indicated they are low priority.”

“Competitive prices, no hassle from All Simple about using too much CPU or similar tactics used by other cheap hosting services to get you to upgrade to a higher plan.”

“They provide very reliable VPS hosting and a good selection of clearly priced addon features through the portal. Any updates or security issues are communicated ahead of time with a clear course of action, including mitigation, impact risk, etc. All my inquiries have been answered promptly and professionally by Martin, who has gone above and beyond in the past to make everything work. It is nice to know that there is a real person running operations (compared to my past experiences with providers who outsource their support and have poor knowledge and accountability).”

Ratings for our services

We were delighted that the overall quality of All Simple’s hosting services and support scored close to 100%. About 70% of you say that you have already referred us to friends and colleagues, so we're very grateful!

These were some of the comments on service ratings:

“They have inspired undying customer loyalty and furthermore as a result of such strong customer care, I have considered their services several times for substantial corporate referrals.”

“First Class Service from Martin and his team.”

“I'm very pleased with the basic VPS service, and Martin has been very helpful when I needed guidance.”

“For reliability, quality of service and support I would want to give at least 6!”

Requested improvements which we’ve made

You also made some constructive suggestions. These are the main improvements that will be introduced as a result of your feedback:

  • Phone support has now been added as an alternative support option to go with chat and tickets, for occasional, more complex issues.
  • Cloud Hosting is now available. A trial is available for existing customers, find out more here
  • Some improvements have been made to the website and more changes are planned.

All Simple will continue to provide ‘web hosting with a human touch’

  • A personal, dependable hosting service. (And, thank you for suggesting that our service is generally far better than many of the big players!)
  • The same reliable web hosting services with easy setup, clear prices, fast servers and 99.99% uptime.
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, fast support on any (rare, hopefully) occasions that it’s needed.
  • Good value for money, based on a premium quality service. (We know that web hosting is a very competitive market!)
  • Stay small enough to care, big enough to handle things.

Given our name, we should probably be trying to make things easier for people!

Spread the Word and Earn 15% of their fees

We want to be able to offer the service provided by a small business but want to grow just a little, so feel free to spread the word, so you can earn 15% of all fees paid (ex VAT) for two years for referrals you make through our Affiliate Program.

Published at 09:52am on Tuesday 24th April 2018