About Us

Company Description

All Simple Internet Services LLP was founded in May 2010 after extensive research, planning and testing. We saw that there was a need for services hosted on quality servers with a personal and helpful side. We own all our servers so have full control and choose the specification that suits the usage so they can be used to their full potential without overloading.

We offer many reliable and high quality services including Dedicated Servers, VPS’s, Web Hosting and Domain Registration.

We provide excellent support with all our products if you need it at any time and we will go out of our way to make our services simple for you.

Our equipment runs within 4D’s new state of the art Tier-3 Data Centre based near Gatwick, Sussex, UK. This means we can offer the highest uptime, security and speed possible. Our systems are set up so that hardware, network and power failures should not happen.

What we can do for you

Whether you want to run a small personal website, multiple sites and processes from a VPS or use a business dedicated server, we can provide you with all you need. We offer some great extras free of charge like the use of our nameservers, free backup space along with full control of your own services.

We can assist with most problems whether you have no experience or if you are experienced but would like to test something new. We can do things for you, or we can help you to learn how to do it yourself. We work around the clock to keep your services running, taking care of the technical things so you can focus on your job.

If you have any questions or need advice on technical specifications, please ask us and we will give you honest suggestions to what suits you best.

Our Team

Martin Woodhouse

Martin worked for an IT services company in London before deciding to go it alone.

In 2009 he saw the opportunity to build a hosting company that specialises in top hardware and a personal service.

Outside of server administration, he is also actively involved in a variety of web development projects.

Likes: Kayaking, volcanoes and Iceland

Dislikes: Unnecessary server downtime and cauliflower

Charlotte Read

After originally training in leisure management, Charlotte saw the opportunity to help co-found All Simple.

She specialises in the financial side of the business as well as strategy.

She is also increasingly involved in web development focusing on front end development and email marketing.

Likes: Photography, Astronomy, geysers, New Zealand, logic and order.

Dislikes: Rough seas

Chris Clark

Chris is a programmer and web developer with a number of years experience delivering web and other IT projects.

He got involved in the hosting business back in 2001 after inheriting a dedicated server and has continued to be involved in web hosting ever since.

He joined our team in 2013 and provides additional coverage to the support team.

Likes: Singapore, Canadian forests and the idea of a simpler life.

Dislikes: Inefficiency

Company at a glance

All Simple Internet Services LLP

Partnership Registration Number: OC354906

VAT Registration Number: GB 110 838 538

EU VAT Registration Number: EU 372 016 904

Registered Office: South Point, Old Brighton Road, Lowfield Heath,
        Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 0PR

Datacentre Location: 4D Gatwick, Crawley, UK

Contact details

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Ticket: You can open a sales or support ticket here. If you are already a customer, please log in to open a ticket, so we can verify that it is you.

Twitter: @allsimplestatus

IRC: #allsimple on freenode