Affiliate program

earn a recurring 15%, for every client you refer

In four simple steps you can earn 15% of all fees paid (excluding VAT) for referrals you make:

Step One:
Log in to our website and enable your affiliate program for your account - click here

Step Two:
Use Your Unique Referral Link from here to share with your friends

Step Three:
Your friends buy hosting using your referral link, this will link the products they buy to your account

Step Four:
After 30 days, if their account is still active the 15% will be credited to your Available Commissions Balance

Important conditions related to the affiliates scheme:

  • The minimum payment amount is ¬£5 and will only be paid if your account is in good standing
  • The referral fee will only be paid if the account is still active 30 days after the payment
  • Payouts are available as credit for future invoices, PayPal transfer or bank transfer, we are not responsible for any fees incurred using these gateways
  • Missing or untracked referrals can be reported within 28 days of the qualifying referred sale
  • Affiliates will not receive payouts from customers who cancel or disable their hosting service, receive a refund, or become suspended
  • Affiliate commission payments will continue for up to two years from the referral sign up date