We have now used allSimple and their virtual server services for well over five years. In that time we have always received knowledgeable advice, reliable service and friendly help. The team have always been there to help. And this is why we continue to use allSimple. I wouldn't hesitate in recomending them. Speak to the team and see what services work for you.
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  • While this may sound a little bit cheesy, I feel it needs to be said.

    I have used All Simple's VPS as my primary personal server for almost three years now, and recommend your services in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for web hosting or a VPS.

    While I like your infrastructure choices (Xen!), management solution, services, pricing, etc. there is one killer feature you provide that no one else does: Martin Woodhouse. I have never come across tech support so knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated. I might have a stupid question or a big problem that's completely my own fault, and he goes out of his way to make sure my problem gets resolved and my server is back up and running in no time, seemingly no matter what time of day it is!

    My server currently runs Arch Linux, an arguably unstable distribution, which wasn't even available as an installation option back when I got it installed on my VPS (by Martin). At one point I messed up my GRUB configuration, and had it fixed in no time (by Martin, who even said something I'd never had expect a customer support representative to utter when the problem was clearly my own fault: "I'm happy to debug further for you"). I can even talk to him on IRC instead of having to create support tickets and have what feels like a slow-paced discussion with an army of tech support drones instead of real-time communication with another human being!

    Thank you Martin! You make All Simple the greatest VPS provider on the planet!

  • Would just like to say setting my vps up today has been made an absolute pleasure thanks to the help of martin on the ticketing system , I made a few mistakes but all of them were quickly rectified and help was given with in minutes of me asking .

    Thankyou again to all involved for not making me feel like any question i asked was too stupid . I look forward to a long running relationship with you guys .

  • I'd just like to post here to say how impressed I am with allsimple so far. I've had a VPS for a couple of weeks. It's excellent value for a Xen VPS, runs very fast and Martin has been extremely fast and helpful responding to any support requests.

    I've been with quite a few VPS providers now and am always a bit wary at first - but my impression of allsimple has been extremely positive. I'll update here in a couple of months with how things are going.

    If you're considering signing up, I'd say go for it - highly recommended so far!

  • Martin is always happy to help. I've been extremely impressed with the assistance provided. I've contacted Martin on numerous occassions and he has always lent a hand! Service second to none!

  • I said I'd update here a few months down the line: 8 months in and AllSimple are as good as ever. My VPS is now at over 200 days uptime (and I think it was me that restarted it so it might have been longer if I hadn't been messing)! Service is always fast.

    Highly recommended.

  • I was looking for a VPS service yesterday after looking for hour's. so i ended up coming across this website on lowendbox. as i don't quite like xen myself.

    I purchased the vps it costed me £4.50, I had a few issues paying via paypal. so in the end i did a bank transfer. i rung up my bank and they did a fast payment service. and it was done instantly. the sales staff set it up without me paying anything, also set my invoice paid quite quickly, as the payment popped up in the account.

    I have to say for the price. the speed's are quite rocksolid. not had any issue's so far. and don't think i will have any issues to be quite honest.

    So if your looking for a VPS service, allsimple.net is your place

    Support 10/10
    Sales 10/10
    Setup 10/10
    Speed 10/10